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Virtual Issue: Discrete Choice Methods

Recent Advances in Discrete Choice Methods in Political Science

Introduction to the Virtual Issue: Recent Advances in Discrete Choice Methods in Political Science
Garrett Glasgow

Logistic Regression in Rare Events Data
Gary King and Langche Zeng
Political Analysis (2001) 9:137-163 Full Text PDF

Dynamic Ideal Point Estimation via Markov Chain Monte Carlo for the U.S. Supreme Court, 1953–1999
Andrew D. Martin and Kevin M. Quinn
Political Analysis(2002) 10:134-153 Full Text PDF

Back to the Future: Modeling Time Dependence in Binary Data
David B. Carter and Curtis S. Signorino
Political Analysis(2010) 18:271-292 Full Text PDF

An Estimator for Some Binary-Outcome Selection Models Without Exclusion Restrictions
Anne E. Sartori
Political Analysis(2003) 11:111-138 Full Text PDF

Structure and Uncertainty in Discrete Choice Models
Curtis S. Signorino
Political Analysis (2003) 11:316-344 Full Text PDF

Postestimation Uncertainty in Limited Dependent Variable Models
Michael C. Herron
Political Analysis (1999) 8:83-98 Full Text PDF

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