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Virtual Issue: Causal Inference and Political Methodology

Causal Inference and Political Methodology

Introduction to the Virtual Issue: Past and Future Research Agenda on Causal Inference
Kosuke Imai

Scalable Protocols Offer Efficient Design for Field Experiments
David W. Nickerson
Political Analysis (2005) 13:233-252 Full Text PDF

Sensitive Questions, Truthful Answers? Modeling the List Experiment with LISTIT
Daniel Corstange
Political Analysis(2009) 17:45-63 Full Text PDF

Testing the Accuracy of Regression Discontinuity Analysis Using Experimental Benchmarks
Donald P. Green, Terence Y. Leong, Holger L. Kern, Alan S. Gerber, and Christopher W. Larimer
Political Analysis(2009) 17:400-417 Full Text PDF

Matching as Nonparametric Preprocessing for Reducing Model Dependence in Parametric Causal Inference
Daniel E. Ho, Kosuke Imai, Gary King, and Elizabeth A. Stuart
Political Analysis(2007) 15:199-236 Full Text PDF

Why Process Matters for Causal Inference
Adam N. Glynn and Kevin M. Quinn
Political Analysis (2011) 19:273-286 Full Text PDF

The Dangers of Extreme Counterfactuals
Gary King and Langche Zeng
Political Analysis (2006) 14:131-159 Full Text PDF

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