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Virtual Issue: Measurement in Political Science

Introduction to the Virtual Issue: Measurement in Political Science
William G. Jacoby

The E ffects of Measurement Error on Two-Stage, Least- Squares Estimates
Donald Philip Green
Political Analysis (1990) 2(1): 57-74 Full Text

Measurement Models for Time Series Analysis: Estimating Dynamic Linear Errors-in-Variables Models
Gregory E. McAvoy
Political Analysis (1998) 7(1): 165-186 Full Text

Traits versus Issues: Factor verus Ideal-Point Analysis of Candidate Thermometer Ratings
Henry E. Brady
Political Analysis (1990) 2(1): 97-129 Full Text

Mokken Scale Analysis: Between the Guttman Scale and Parametric Item Response Theory
Wijbrandt H. van Schuur
Political Analysis (2003) 13(2): 139-163 Full Text

Estimating Legislators' Preferred Points
John Londregan
Political Analysis (1999) 8(1): 35-56 Full Text

Nonparametric Unfolding of Binary Choice Data
Keith T. Poole
Political Analysis (2000) 8(3): 211-237 Full Text

Cutpoint-Adjusted Interest Group Ratings
Michael C. Herron
Political Analysis (2000) 8(4): 346-366 Full Text

Comparing Incomparable Survey Responses: Evaluating and Selecting Anchoring Vignettes
Gary King and Jonathan Wand
Political Analysis (2007) 15(1): 46-66 Full Text

Democratic Compromise: A Latent Variable Analysis of Ten Measures of Regime Type
Daniel Pemstein, Stephen A. Meserve, and James Melton
Political Analysis (2010) 18(4): 426-449 Full Text

The Measurement of Cross-cutting Cleavages and Other Multidimensional Cleavage Structures
Joel Sawat Selway
Political Analysis (2011) 19(1): 48-65 Full Text

Multidimensional Analysis of Roll Call Data via Bayesian Simulation: Identi cation, Estimation, Inference, and Model Checking
Simon Jackman
Political Analysis (2001) 9(3): 227-241 Full Text

Practical Issues in Implementing and Understanding Bayesian Ideal Point Estimation
Joseph Bafumi, Andrew Gelman, David K. Park, Noah Kaplan
Political Analysis (2005) 13(2): 171-187 Full Text

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