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The ASC Division of Policing virtual issue

Welcome to your free virtual issue of Policing A Journal of Policy and Practice. To mark this year’s American Society of Criminology conference, we’ve brought together an exclusive range of Policing papers.

1. Anthony A. Braga and Edward F. Davis
Implementing Science in Police Agencies: The Embedded Research Model
Policing (2014) 8 (4): 294-306

2. Chris Barnum, Jared Miller and Grant Miller
An Evaluation of an Observational Benchmark Used in Assessing Disproportionality in Police Traffic Stops: A Research Note
Policing (2015)

3. David Weisburd, Michael Davis, and Charlotte Gill
Increasing Collective Efficacy and Social Capital at Crime Hot Spots: New Crime Control Tools for Police
Policing (2015) 9 (3): 265-274

4. S. Hakan Can, Helen M. Hendy and Turgay Karagoz
LEOSS-R: four types of police stressors and negative psychosocial outcomes associated with them
Policing (2015)

5. Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron and Nicole L. Asquith
Policing Diversity and Vulnerability in the Post-Macpherson Era: Unintended Consequences and Missed Opportunities
Policing (2015) 9 (1): 89-100.

6. James J. Willis and Stephen D. Mastrofski
Pulling Together: Integrating Craft and Science
Policing (2014) 8 (4): 321-329

7. Jerry H. Ratcliffe
Towards an Index for Harm-Focused Policing
Policing (2015) 9 (2): 164-182

8. John E. Eck
Who Should Prevent Crime at Places? The Advantages of Regulating Place Managers and Challenges to Police Services
Policing (2015) 9 (3): 223-233.

9. Julie Grieco, Heather Vovak and Cynthia Lum
Examining Research–Practice Partnerships in Policing Evaluations
Policing (2014) 8 (4): 368-378.

10. Kelle Barrick, Matthew J. Hickman and Kevin J. Strom
Representative Policing and Violence Towards the Police
Policing (2014) 8 (2): 193-204.

11. Laura Bedford and Lorraine Mazerolle
Beyond the Evidence: Organizational Learning from RCTs in Policing
Policing (2014) 8 (4): 402-416