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Virtual Issue: Honoring the Work of Elinor and Vincent Ostrom

Introduction to the Publius Virtual Issue: Scholarly Works on Federalism by Elinor Ostrom and Vincent Ostrom
John Kincaid

Size and Performance in a Federal System
Elinor Ostrom
Publius (1976) 6 (2): 33-73 Full Text PDF

Defining and Measuring Structural Variations in Interorganizational Arrangements
Elinor Ostrom, Roger B. Parks, and Gordon P. Whitaker
Publius (1974) 4 (4): 87-108 Full Text PDF

The Meaning of Federalism in The Federalist: A Critical Examiniation of the Diamond Theses
Vincent Ostrom
Publius (1985) 15 (1): 1-21 Full text PDF

Hobbes, Covenant, and Constitution
Vincent Ostrom
Publius (1980) 10 (4): 83-100 Full text PDF

An Inquiry Concerning Liberty and Equality in the American Constitutional System
Vincent Ostrom
Publius (1990) 20 (2): 33-51 Full text PDF

Dewey and Federalism: So Near and Yet So Far
Vincent Ostrom
Publius (1979) 9 (4): 87-101 Full text PDF

Vincent Ostrom
Publius (1973) 3 (2): 197-237 Full Text PDF

The Study of Federalism at Work
Vincent Ostrom
Publius (1974) 4 (4): 1-18 Full Text PDF

The Contemporary Debate over Centralization and Decentralization
Vincent Ostrom
Publius (1976) 6 (4): 21-32 Full Text PDF

The Third Century: Some Anticipated Consequences of Governmental Reorganization
Vincent Ostrom
Publius (1978) 8 (2): 121-132 Full Text PDF

Where to Begin?
Vincent Ostrom
Publius (1995) 25 (2): 45-60 Full text PDF

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