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Founded in 1933 by a group of young British and American economists, The Review of Economic Studies aims to encourage research in theoretical and applied economics, especially by young economists. Today it is widely recognised as one of the core top-five economics journals.

The Review is essential reading for economists and has a reputation for publishing path-breaking papers in theoretical and applied economics.

The Review is committed to continuing to publish strong papers in all areas of economics. The Editors aim to provide an efficient and high-quality review process to the Review's authors. Where articles are sent out for full review, authors receive careful reports and feedback. In 2009, the average time to first decision was less than four months, and for more than 95% of submissions the time to first decision was less than 7 months.

Tribute to Jane Martin
We are very sorry to report that Jane Martin, the Review's administrator for many years, passed away on September 26, 2009, after a long illness. Read more


YearImpact FactorSsi: Economics
20154.0776 out of 344
20144.0386 out of 333
20133.23515 out of 332
20122.86018 out of 332
20112.81015 out of 320
20103.11315 out of 304
20092.90413 out of 245


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5-Yr impact factor: 4.973

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Nicola Gennaioli
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Botond Kőszegi
Áureo de Paula
Michele Tertilt

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