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About the Journal

Research Evaluation is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed, international journal. Its subject matter ranges from the evaluation of an individual research project, through portfolios of research and research centres, up to inter-country comparisons of research performance. It covers public and private sectors, natural and life sciences as well as social sciences and humanities. The term 'evaluation' applies to all stages of research from priority setting and proposals, through the monitoring of on-going projects and programmes, to the use of results of research and the increasing trend of integrating evaluation into policy. Evaluations of research output and impact are particularly relevant given the emphasis today on accountability and documenting the value of research. Papers on methods for appraising and evaluating research are also welcome. The Journal is not committed to any specific approach or philosophy, quantitative, qualitative or otherwise.

Research Evaluation has readers in universities, governments, research councils, funding agencies, consultancies, etc., around the world. It is in the Social Science Citation Index (Web of Science), Google Scholar, SCOPUS and many other databases.

YearImpact FactorRank
20121.07431 out of 84

Impact factor: 1.123
5-Yr impact factor: 1.266


Diana Hicks
Thed van Leeuwen
Jordi Molas-Gallart

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