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RES essay prize winners

The articles below are past winners of the RES essay prize. Winners of the prize from 2005 onwards are available to read free online:

Free online

2014: Vladimir Brljak, University of Warwick
The Satanic ‘or’: Milton and Protestant Anti-Allegorism

2013: Sheldon Brammall, Trinity College, Cambridge
‘Sound this Angrie Message in Thine Eares’: Sympathy and the Translations of the Aeneid in Marlowe’s Dido Queene of Carthage

2012: Simon Macdonald, University College, London
Identifying Mrs Meeke: Another Burney Family Novelist

2011: George Ruder Younge, Trinity College, Cambridge, UK
‘Those were good days’: Representations of the Anglo-Saxon Past in the Old English Homily on Saint Neot

Julianne Werlin, Princeton University
Marvell and the Strategic Imagination: Fortification in Upon Appleton House

2010: Jennifer Batt, University of Oxford, UK
‘It Ought not to be Lost to the World’: The Transmission and Consumption of Eighteenth-Century Lyric Verse

2009: Ingrid Hanson, University of Sheffield, UK
The Measured Music of our Meeting Swords’: William Morris’s Early Romances and the Transformative Touch of Violence

2008: John Bolin, Linacre College, Oxford, UK.
‘Preserving the Integrity of Incoherence’?: Dostoevsky, Gide and the Novel in Beckett's 1930 Lectures and Dream of Fair to Middling Women

2007: Stephen Bernard, Brasenose College, Oxford, UK.
'After Defoe, Before the Dunciad: Giles Jacob and a Vindication of the Press'

2006: Dr Fred Schurink, Newcastle University, UK.
"Like a Hand in the Margine of a Booke": William Blount's Marginalia
and the Politics of Sidney's Arcadia

2005: Patrick Hayes, St John's College, Oxford, UK.
An Author I have not Read’: Coetzee's Foe, Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, and the Problem of the Novel

Past winners

2004: Paddy Bullard, St Catherine's College, Oxford, UK.
The Meaning of the 'Sublime and Beautiful': Shaftesburian Contexts and Rhetorical Issues in Edmund Burke's Philosophical Enquiry

2003: Tom Lockwood, University of Leeds, UK.
The Sheridans at Work: A Recovered Drury Lane Revisal of 1808

2002: Vanessa Ryan, Yale University, USA.
The Unreliable Editor: Carlyle's Sartor Resartus and the Art of Biography

2001: Chris Jones, St Andrew's University, UK.
W. H. Auden and 'The "Barbaric" Poetry of the North': Unchaining one's Daimon

2000: Matthew Bevis, University of Sheffield, UK.
Temporizing Dickens

1999: James Kelly, Worcester College, Oxford, UK.
The Worcester Affair