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Top Cited Papers

2014 Impact Factor Announced

Review of Finance has just received an Impact Factor of 2.012 for 2014. Below is a list of the top five papers published in 2013 and 2012 that contributed to this result. All the papers listed below are free to read until the end of June 2016.


The Fundamentals of Commodity Futures Returns
Gary B. Gorton Fumio Hayashi and K. Geert Rouwenhorst

Precautionary Hoarding of Liquidity and Interbank Markets: Evidence from the Subprime Crisis
Viral V. Acharya and Ouarda Merrouche

Politically Connected Boards of Directors and The Allocation of Procurement Contracts
Eitan Goldman, Jörg Rocholl and Jongil So

Say on Pay Votes and CEO Compensation: Evidence from the UK
Fabrizio Ferri and David A. Maber

Do Banks Benefit from Internationalization? Revisiting the Market Power–Risk Nexus
Claudia M. Buch, Cathérine T. Koch and Michael Koetter


Information Asymmetry, Information Precision, and the Cost of Capital
Richard A. Lambert, Christian Leuz and Robert E. Verrecchia

Default Risk of Advanced Economies: An Empirical Analysis of Credit Default Swaps during the Financial Crisis
Stephan Dieckmann and Thomas Plank

Volatility in Equilibrium: Asymmetries and Dynamic Dependencies
Tim Bollerslev, Natalia Sizova, and George Tauchen

Access to Liquidity and Corporate Investment in Europe during the Financial Crisis
Murillo Campello, Erasmo Giambona, John R. Graham and Campbell R. Harvey

The Role of Venture Capital Syndication in Value Creation for Entrepreneurial Firms
Xuan Tian