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Call for Proposals: State of the Art

SER welcomes proposals for "State of the Art" articles. State of the Art papers summarize the state of knowledge on a specific subject. They demarcate research frontiers and identify promising areas of future research. They also are excellent reading material for teaching. Past State of the Art articles were highly successful with respect to citations and downloads.

SER's editorial and review policy

State of the Art papers should address issues within the framework of SER's broad editorial mission. SER encourages "work on the relationship between society, economy, institutions and markets, moral commitments, and the rational pursuit of self-interest." For the full statement, please visit the journal homepage. Prospective authors may want to get in touch early with the Chief Editor on the appropriateness of a potential topic by sending an extended abstract of 2-3 pages outlining the main bodies of literature to be covered, the resulting theoretical or empirical issues to be discussed, and why these subjects are appropriate for SER. Based on these proposals, SER will invite up to three submissions for State of the Art papers per year.

Although State of the Art contributions are invited papers, they are subject to the same double-blind review procedure as normal submissions before final acceptance for publication. The process is intended as a developmental review to identify possible improvements that will enhance the contribution and impact of the article.

Think about contributing

State of the Art articles are highly demanding work that require the authorship of an experienced scholar. But they also can be an ideal occasion for cooperation between a senior researcher and one or more graduate students preparing a thesis on the subject in question. We invite you to think about topics on which you could contribute, alone or with others. Send a proposal to the Chief-editor of Socio-Economic Review, Gregory Jackson (

"State of the Art" papers published so far

Deeg, R. and Jackson, G. (2007) "Towards a more dynamic theory of capitalist variety", Socio-Economic Review, 5, 149-179.
Hann, C. (2007) "A new double movement? Anthropological perspectives on property in the age of neoliberalism", Socio-Economic Review, 5, 287-318.
Whitford, J. and Potter, C. (2007) "Regional economies, open networks and the spatial fragmentation of production", Socio-Economic Review, 5, 497-526.
Ballarino, G. and Regini, M. (2008) "Convergent perspectives in economic sociology: an Italian view of contemporary developments in Western Europe and North America", Socio-Economic Review, 6, 337-363.
Häusermann, S. and Palier, B. (2008) "The politics of employment-friendly welfare reforms in post-industrial economies", Socio-Economic Review, 6, 559-586.
Mudge, S. L. (2008) "What is neo-liberalism?", Socio-Economic Review, 6, 703-731.
Viebrock, E. and Clasen, J. (2009) "Flexicurity and welfare reform: a review", Socio- Economic Review, 7, 305-331.
Vos, A. E. (2009) "Falling fertility rates: new challenges to the European welfare state", Socio-Economic Review, 7, 485-503.
Genschel, P. and Schwarz, P. (2011), "Tax competition: a literature review", Socio- Economic Review, 9, 339-370.
Beckert, J. (2011) "State of the Art: Where do prices come from? Sociological approaches to price formation", Socio-Economic Review, 9, 757- 786.