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Virtual Issue: Tuberculosis

Social History of Medicine Virtual Issue: Tuberculosis

Greta Jones, Emeritus Professor of History, University of Ulster
An introduction to this Social History of Medicine virtual issue

The content below is freely available to read until the end of May.


Simon Szreter
The Importance of Social Intervention in Britain’s Mortality Decline c.1850-1914: a Re-interpretation of the Role of Public Health

William Johnston
A Genealogy of Tubercular Disease in Japan

Vera Blinn Reber
Blood, Coughs, and Fever: Tuberculosis and the Working Class of Buenos Aires, Argentina 1885-1915

Jim Phillips and Michael French
State Regulation and the Hazards of Milk,1900-1939

Sunil Amrith
In Search of a ‘Magic Bullet’ for Tuberculosis: South India and Beyond, 1955-1965

John Welshman
Compulsion, Localism, and Pragmatism: The Micro-Politics of Tuberculosis Screening in the United Kingdom, 1950–1965

Susan Kelly
Education of Tubercular Children in Northern Ireland, 1921 to 1955

Arthur McIvor
Germs at Work: Establishing Tuberculosis as an Occupational Disease in Britain, c.1900–1951

Documents and Sources

Linda Bryder
‘Not Always One and the Same Thing’: The Registration of Tuberculosis Deaths in Britain, 1900–1950


F. B. Smith
The Making of a Social Disease. Tuberculosis in Nineteenth Century France

Linda Bryder
Living in the Shadow of Death: Tuberculosis and the Social Experience of Illness in American History

F. B. Smith
The Modern Epidemic: A History of Tuberculosis in Japan

Linda Bryder
‘Captain of all these men of death’. The History of Tuberculosis in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Ireland

María Silvia Di Liscia
La Ciudad Impura: Salud, Tuberculosis y Cultura en Buenos Aires, 1870–1950

Alison Bashford
Tuberculosis and the Politics of Exclusion: A History of Public Health and Migration to Los Angeles

Keir Waddington
Tuberculosis Then and Now: Perspectives on the History of an Infectious Disease