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Sociology of Religion, the official journal of the Association for the Sociology of Religion, is published quarterly for the purpose of advancing scholarship in the sociological study of religion. The journal publishes original (not previously published) work of exceptional quality and interest without regard to substantive focus, theoretical orientation, or methodological approach. Although theoretically ambitious, empirically grounded articles are the core of what we publish, we also welcome agenda setting essays, comments on previously published works, critical reflections on the research act, and interventions into substantive areas or theoretical debates intended to push the field ahead.

Sociology of Religion has published work by renowned scholars from Nancy Ammerman to Robert Wuthnow. Robert Bellah, Niklas Luhmann, Talcott Parsons, and Pitirim Sorokin all published in the pages of this journal. More recently, articles published in Sociology of Religion have won the ASA Religion Section’s Distinguished Article Award (Rhys Williams in 2000) and the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion’s Distinguished Article Award (Matthew Lawson in 2000 and Fred Kniss in 1998). Building on this legacy, Sociology of Religion aspires to be the premier English-language publication for sociological scholarship on religion and an essential source for agenda-setting work in the field.


YearImpact FactorSsi: Sociology
20151.21750 out of 142
20141.00052 out of 142
20131.66716 out of 137
20121.07952 out of 137
20110.86164 out of 137
20100.91453 out of 129
20090.56180 out of 114
20080.68055 out of 99

This information is taken from the Journal Citation Reports, published annually as part of the Social Science Citation Index by ISI.


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5-Yr impact factor: 1.564