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About the Journal

Social Science Japan Journal (SSJJ) publishes high-quality, refereed scholarly articles on modern Japan. All social science disciplines (anthropology, economics, history, law, political science, and sociology) are represented, including studies of Japan’s international relations and comparisons with other countries.

SSJJ’s substantial book review section contains reviews of English and Japanese language monographs on Japanese society. SSJJ occasionally publishes surveys of research materials and scholarly debates in Japan, as well as reviews of
the current state of research on Japanese society in various countries.

SSJJ is listed in Thomson Reuters’ internationally renowned Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), and is being incorporated in the authoritative online journal archive JSTOR.

Leading scholars recommend SSJJ

"For some time now, Social Science Japan Journal has been the most important source of social science and cross-disciplinary work on Japan, certainly in the English language—and arguably in any language. Its great strength is the ability to present state of the art scholarship from around the world, Japan included, in a single publication."

Andrew Gordon
Professor of History
Harvard University

"Social Science Japan Journal is without a doubt the best source for insightful analysis of contemporary Japan. If you only read one journal on Japan, SSJJ should be at the top of the list.

Tom Ginsburg
Professor of Law
University of Chicago

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Social Science Japan Journal is covered in Social Science Citation Index from 2010.

YearImpact FactorSsi: Area StudiesSsi: Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
20150.33345 out of 6975 out of 93
20140.22750 out of 6582 out of 95
20130.23849 out of 6378 out of 92
20120.45830 out of 6559 out of 92
20110.33339 out of 6664 out of 89
20100.23141 out of 6068 out of 83
20090.08765 out of 68


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The Social Science Japan Forum is a moderated electronic discussion list for social scientists researching Japan and is maintained by the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo. SSJ-Forum aims to stimulate dialogue among researchers doing social science and political economy of Japan. The list enables scholars to communicate current research interests, discuss new books, papers, approaches, and articles, test new ideas and share comments and tips on teaching courses on Japan.