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ISS/OUP Prize Winning Articles

For free access to the ISS/Oxford prize winning articles, click on the links below:

Oxford University Press in conjunction with the Institute of Social Science are pleased to announce that the 2014 ISS/OUP prize for Modern Japanese Studies has been awarded to Robert PEKKANEN, Benjamin NYBLADE and Ellis KRAUSS for their article "The Logic of Ministerial Selection: Electoral System and Cabinet Appointments in Japan".


Vol 17 No 1 PEKKANEN, Robert; NYBLADE, Benjamin and KRAUSS, Ellis
The Logic of Ministerial Selection: Electoral System and Cabinet Appointments in Japan [PDF]


Vol 15 No 1 KUSHIDA E. Kenji Entrepreneurship in Japan’s ICT Sector: Opportunities and Protection from Japan’s Telecommunications Regulatory Regime Shift [PDF]


Vol 14 No 1 HUNTER Janet Technology Transfer and the Gendering of Communications Work: Meiji Japan in comparative Historical Perspective [PDF]


Vol 13 No 1 TAKEGAWA Shogo Liberal Preferences and Conservative Policies: The Puzzling Size of Japan's Welfare State [PDF]


Vol 12 No 1 HASEGAWA Kiyoshi Law and Community in Japan: The Role of Legal Rules in Suburban Neighborhoods [PDF]


Vol 11 No 2 KIM Young Personnel Management Reforms in Japanese Supermarkets: The Positional Warfare and Limited Assimilation of Conversational Communities [PDF]


Vol 10 No 1 HASEGAWA Tamako Equality of Opportunity or Employment Quotas?—A Comparison of Japanese and American Employment Policies for the Disabled [PDF]


Vol 9 No 1 FUJIME Yuki Japanese Feminism and Commercialized Sex: The Union of Militarism and Prohibitionism [PDF]


Vol 8 No 1 KRAMER Hans Martin Just Who Reversed the Course? The Red Purge in Higher Education during the Occupation of Japan [PDF]


Vol 7 No 2 HIRATA Keiko Beached Whales: Examining Japan's Rejection of an International Norm [PDF]


Vol 6 No 1 HILL Peter Heisei Yakuza: Burst Bubble and Botaiho [PDF]


Vol 5 No 1 NAKAMURA Karen Resistance and Co-optation: the Japanese Federation of the Deaf and its Relations with State Power [PDF]

The ISS/Oxford Prize for Modern Japanese Studies is awarded by Oxford University Press in conjunction with the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo. The prize is valued at 25,000 yen plus a free year’s subscription to Social Science Japan Journal and £50 worth of OUP books is awarded to the author of the best article published each year in Social Science Japan Journal. The winner is selected by the members of the Journal's editorial and advisory boards, based on the quality and originality of the article and its contribution towards advancing the field of Japanese studies.

Oxford University Press and the ISS hope that the establishment of this new prize will help in a small way to raise standards within the field of Japanese studies, to raise the profile of Japanese studies scholars, and to encourage new authors to publish in Social Science Japan Journal.

The prize-winning paper, with the author's consent, will also be translated into Japanese and published in Shakai Kagaku Kenkyû (the Journal of Social Science), the Japanese-language journal published by the ISS, with a view to enhancing the role of Social Science Japan Journal as a bridge between the Japanese and English-language social-science communities.