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Leading scholars recommend SSJJ

"For some time now, Social Science Japan Journal has been the most important source of social science and cross-disciplinary work on Japan, certainly in the English language—and arguably in any language. Its great strength is the ability to present state of the art scholarship from around the world, Japan included, in a single publication."

Andrew Gordon
Professor of History
Harvard University

"Social Science Japan Journal is without a doubt the best source for insightful analysis of contemporary Japan. If you only read one journal on Japan, SSJJ should be at the top of the list."

Tom Ginsburg
Professor of Law
University of Chicago

"Social Science Japan Journal is the place to go for high-quality social science research on contemporary issues in Japan. Its reviews of important new books in Japanese and English are also of great value."

Mary C. Brinton
Reischauer Institute Professor of Sociology
Harvard University

"SSJJ is now the leading English-language journal for social science research on Japan. Well-edited, with an international range of authors and book reviewers, and a broad selection of topics and approaches, I look forward to every issue."

William K. Kelly
Professor and Chairman of Anthropology
Yale University

"Social Science Japan Journal plays a crucial role in making Japanese language scholarship available to English speaking social scientists, and in providing scholars from outside Japan with a forum through which they can reach both Japanese and non-Japanese audiences. Social Science Japan Journal is becoming the major publication for social scientists interested in Japan."

Janet Hunter
Saji Professor of Economic History
London School of Economics and Political Science

"SSJJ is the leading interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of Japanese economy and society. Research by Japanese scholars is published in English alongside contributions from first-rate scholars around the world. Each issue is a compelling combination of high-quality research articles, essays, and reviews—an intellectual feast."

Sanford Jacoby
Professor of Management, Public Affairs, & History

"From party politics to the impact of television dramas, from gangsters to child welfare, Social Science Japan Journal is the most intellectually dynamic, diverse, and engaged journal for interdisciplinary research on Japan."

David Leheny
Henry Wendt III '55 Professor of East Asian Studies
Princeton University