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London Mathematical Society - Open Access Policy

Since 2009, authors of accepted papers have the option to pay to have their article published under open access on a perpetual basis. Please see for further details.

It is well known in the mathematics community that mathematical research stands the test of time - most good papers are read and cited widely for tens of years after publication, some even hundreds of years later! At the London Mathematical Society, we recognise the true value of the articles we publish and therefore we have decided on an open access policy that enables and encourages mathematicians to read the material as soon as it is published, and still to provide an income for the Society's charitable purposes by recognising that the articles have an economic value to society for a much longer time period than many other areas of scientific research.

Since 2007 we are therefore giving away access to the articles from the moment they are published for a period of six months. Anyone can access the full text of the most recent articles online and there are no restrictions on the number of views or the number of articles accessed in that period. After that time, the articles will move behind the subscription wall and we hope that mathematicians around the world will recognise the long-term value of continuing access to the rich history of articles available in the LMS journals. These are available online as part of a seamless access for subscribers to articles dating all the way back to 1865 when the Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society began.

The LMS journals are compliant with the RCUK (Research Councils of the United Kingdom) Policy on Access to Research Outputs.

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