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Research Methods II: Multivariate Analysis

Chapter 1: The Scientific Method [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 2: Simple Linear Regression [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 3: Multiple Regression Analysis [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 4: Multiple Regression in Practice [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 5: Regression Diagnostics [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 6: Analysis of Cross-Sectional Studies [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 7: One-way Analysis of Variance [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 8: Two-way Analysis of Variance [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 9: Factorial Designs - 1 [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 10: Repeat-measures Designs [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 11: Logistic Regression [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 12: Survival Analysis [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 13: Poisson Regression Analysis [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Chapter 14: Analysing Categorical Data: Log-linear analysis [PDF] [PowerPoint]

Impact factor: 1.059

5-Yr impact factor: 1.125


Dr. Quique Bassat


Dr D Simkiss
Professor K Edmond
Professor Anuradha Bose
Dr. Stephanie Troy

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