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Practical Mother, Newborn and Child Care in Developing Countries

Chapter 1. Maternal and Child Health: an Introduction [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 2. Antenatal care [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 3. Nutrition of The Pregnant Woman [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 4. Delivery of the Baby [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 5. Care of the Newborn [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 6. Resuscitation of the Newborn [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 7. The Low Birth Weight Baby [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 8. Breast Feeding [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 9. Growth and Development [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 10. Weaning [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 11. The Under-Fives' Clinic [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 12. Immunisation in Childhood [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 13. Feeding the infant and young child [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 14. Nutrition Rehabilitation [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 15. The Preschool Child [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 16. Day-care Centres [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 17. Problems of Urbanization [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 18. Health Education [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 19. Home Visiting [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 20. The "At-risk" Concept [PDF] [SLIDES]

Chapter 21-27. Please find here the remaining chapters of the book [PDF] [SLIDES]

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Dr. Quique Bassat


Dr D Simkiss
Professor K Edmond
Professor Anuradha Bose
Dr. Stephanie Troy

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