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Rankings based on citations to online articles from HighWire-hosted articles in 2011

Inpainting and Zooming Using Sparse Representations
M.J. Fadili, J.-L. Starck, F. Murtagh
(2009) Volume 52, Issue 1, 64-79

Energy-Efficient Cloud Computing
Andreas Berl et al.
(2010) Volume 53, Issue 7, 1045-1051

An Appreciation of Dina St Johnston (1930–2007) Founder of the UK's First Software House
Simon Lavington
(2009) Volume 52, Issue 3, 378-387

Provably Secure Password-Based Three-Party Key Exchange With Optimal Message Steps
Hung-Yu Chien1, Tzong-Chen Wu
(2009) Volume 52, Issue 6, 646-655

The Random Neural Network: A Survey
Stelios Timotheou
(2010) Volume 53, Issue 3, 249-250

Some Extensions on Threshold Visual Cryptography Schemes
Feng Liu, ChuanKun Wu, XiJun Lin
(2010) Volume 53, Issue 1, 107-119

Integrating Wireless Sensors and RFID Tags into Energy-Efficient and Dynamic Context Networks
Tomás Sánchez López, Daeyoung Kim, Gonzalo Huerta Canepa, Koudjo Koumadi
(2009) Volume 52, Issue 2, 240-267

Super-Resolution in Medical Imaging
Hayit Greenspan
(2009) Volume 52, Issue 1, 43-63

Optimal Registration Of Aliased Images Using Variable Projection With Applications To Super-Resolution
Dirk Robinson, Sina Farsiu, Peyman Milanfar
(2009) Volume 52, Issue 1, 31-42

An Efficient Lossless Compression Algorithm for Tiny Nodes of Monitoring Wireless Sensor Networks
Francesco Marcelloni, Massimo Vecchio
(2009) Volume 52, Issue 8, 969-987